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    Au revoir, #Paris. #lockbridge

    Au revoir, #Paris. #lockbridge

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    I love to see children who are so delicate and gentle with animals.  It warms my heart amidst a sea of brats pulling cats’ tails and getting whacked.


    I love how she reaches up on her tippy toes to snuggle into his shoulder.

    For anyone that ever asked me why I love chickens so much. I miss having my chickies :(

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    Found the perfect new necklace today! #wales

    Found the perfect new necklace today! #wales

  4. A letter to the man she loves from the woman I am

    Your lips surprised her,
    she told me how their softness
    met with hers in the lightest
    touch she’d ever felt, but
    that gentle touch was enough
    to shake her very essence,
    no kiss had ever been more
    delicate nor more passionate
    all at once.

    She missed you when she left,
    I promise. She knew the chances
    of seeing you again were all but
    gone with the wind that carried her,
    but the choice wasn’t hers
    to make anymore.

    Fate leads us all, and every
    path we take only brings us
    to certain crossroads —
    only so many decisions are ours
    for the making once we’ve started
    our lives.

    Choices she’d made
    years before the first time
    she whispered your name
    in her sleep were those which
    would cause her to leave you
    not long after you’d been found.
    We never know all the consequences
    to our actions when we first turn right
    or turn left.

  5. Something happened

    And I am here instead of there
    and I lost my map back home.
    I needed something to keep me
    warm in the dead of night so I
    burned it, set it up in flames and
    blamed the place no longer for
    my suffering. I am free from it’s
    grasp but I lost my grip on reality
    just as easily and I am floating
    somewhere between “impossible”
    and “maybe in another lifetime.”
    It’s so beautiful here when the sun
    sets on my past and my future all
    at once. Something happened and
    now I am nothing but the present.

  6. I had you for a moment, I’ll love you for a lifetime

    Growing up means
    understanding that
    you may find someone
    that you love through space
    and time, across oceans
    and closed doors, but
    that doesn’t mean that
    in the end of it all, you
    get to keep them.
    You’ll be lucky if you have
    them for any time at all.

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    Kilmainham Jail. #dublin

    Kilmainham Jail. #dublin

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    Is this what you wanted?
    There are braids of blood weeping down your windowpane, pooling in the place I first spelled “I love you” into frosted glass. Six winters pass and you never returned three finger-taps back. I’m here to tell you…

    So beautiful, so honest, and so true.

  9. dear you

    Shooting stars etch their way
    across each darkened midnight sky
    but we only ever catch them briefly
    if we happen to be looking up.

    We stare down too often
    studying our shoes or trying
    to avoid cracks in the pavement
    but maybe that’s why we feel so alone.

    With every person looking down
    and only glancing up just seconds after
    the star shoots by that they’d been
    waiting to wish on,
    I hope my eyes meet yours somewhere
    in the middle.

    I don’t need wishes and I’m not afraid
    of tripping in public but I do hope
    that you’re there to see it —
    I hope your eyes meet mine
    if only for a second
    in the middle of it all.

  10. You can hear my heartbeat
    like the dropping of a pin,
    all but silent and insignificant
    until you’re trying to fall asleep
    and I am all that you can hear.

    I dare you to love me
    how you promised,
    with never ending sincerity and
    enough force to quiet
    this china shop bull
    that’s bursting from my seams.

    All promises fade and love
    does too.
    But my god, we were beautiful