1. We aren’t meant for solitary,
    solidarity in the loneliness felt
    by soldiers and by school girls
    surrounded by their friends and
    foes but left alone to fight their war.
    Ask us what we’re fighting for and
    each of us will tell a different story.

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    A Treasury of Poems. #poetry #laurencehope #wisdom

    A Treasury of Poems. #poetry #laurencehope #wisdom

  3. I miss nighttime firefly hunts
    and daydreams that last until evening
    and fantasies caught up in mason jars
    with labels stuck to the glass.
    I miss sore muscles and scraped knees
    and swings that turn into catapults
    and bonfires that light up the darkness.
    some days I even miss gravity
    because so often I forget
    to be grounded.

  4. My favorite time of day is night
    and my favorite choice is indecision.
    But still I sleep with the sun and
    it’s not of my own volition.
    Missing midnight for pay checks
    and propriety leaves only contrition
    to fill the cracks between right and
    wrong and responsibility.
    I am a casualty of normalcy.

  5. Dying declaration

    I don’t have many thoughts left,
    and growing older is like dying slowly,
    well, it is dying slowly.
    and beginnings only come around
    after endings, and sometimes before,
    but they never last
    and I won’t either.
    But sunsets are just as beautiful
    as sunrises,
    for completely different reasons.

  6. He’s the kind of guy that laughs in his sleep
    and doesn’t remember the dream he was having.
    His face tells the story though, always,
    and his eyes can’t hide even the whitest of lies.
    All he knows is loyalty and all he shows is trust.

    "You used to write about me,"
    he tells me.
    Honey, I’ve been too busy
    reading you.

  7. My boyfriend is getting out of the navy in 5 months and that’s the best news I’ve gotten in so long and I can’t stop smiling

  8. Thunder and lightning

    Lightning flashes like cameras
    at birthday parties before candles
    and cake smeared faces,
    thunder echoes like the bellow
    of my father as our football team
    loses the first game of the season
    (and when they lose the rest).

    My mother sits in stairwells when
    it pours like this, usually with a cat
    on her lap as the first clap of thunder
    rolls in over the lake. My dad goes
    to the balcony to watch the lightning,
    and I float somewhere in between.

    Families are a lot like thunderstorms —
    My father is the thunder my mom noticed first.
    My mother, the lightning my dad’s always watching.
    And me, the rain that follows.

  9. Sunburn

    The sun may burn us,
    but on every dark gray day
    we still crave the rays.

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    Beautiful wreath, made by my moms’ multi talented friend, with walnuts from our yard. #happiness #nature #beautiful #design

    Beautiful wreath, made by my moms’ multi talented friend, with walnuts from our yard. #happiness #nature #beautiful #design