1. He’s the kind of guy that laughs in his sleep
    and doesn’t remember the dream he was having.
    His face tells the story though, always,
    and his eyes can’t hide even the whitest of lies.
    All he knows is loyalty and all he shows is trust.

    "You used to write about me,"
    he tells me.
    Honey, I’ve been too busy
    reading you.

  2. My boyfriend is getting out of the navy in 5 months and that’s the best news I’ve gotten in so long and I can’t stop smiling

  3. Thunder and lightning

    Lightning flashes like cameras
    at birthday parties before candles
    and cake smeared faces,
    thunder echoes like the bellow
    of my father as our football team
    loses the first game of the season
    (and when they lose the rest).

    My mother sits in stairwells when
    it pours like this, usually with a cat
    on her lap as the first clap of thunder
    rolls in over the lake. My dad goes
    to the balcony to watch the lightning,
    and I float somewhere in between.

    Families are a lot like thunderstorms —
    My father is the thunder my mom noticed first.
    My mother, the lightning my dad’s always watching.
    And me, the rain that follows.

  4. Sunburn

    The sun may burn us,
    but on every dark gray day
    we still crave the rays.

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    Beautiful wreath, made by my moms’ multi talented friend, with walnuts from our yard. #happiness #nature #beautiful #design

    Beautiful wreath, made by my moms’ multi talented friend, with walnuts from our yard. #happiness #nature #beautiful #design

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    Feeling extra homesick tonight. Missing #Wales.

    Feeling extra homesick tonight. Missing #Wales.

  7. Don’t stop believing in love just because you’ve had your heart broken; stop believing in those people.

  8. It took me losing my footing
    to finally feel grounded,
    I needed to be barefoot and
    blind to the world before I
    could see — with rough feet
    on soft grass I found
    serenity in chaos.

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    You don’t have to be an open book to be worth reading


    Do you ever wake up
    from the fantasies in
    your head long enough
    to realize you’ve been
    whispering a road map
    to your heart while you
    were sleeping?

    Some sacred places
    are only kept that way
    by being hidden.

    Whoever said you had
    to share your heart
    has never had it handed
    back in pieces.

    You can hide it, if you want to.
    Someone will find it
    someday, tucked away on
    a dusty shelf and they’ll
    see its value through the cracks.

  10. I care
    out of